An IDE aimed at kids with a visual block-based and a coding editor with real-time sync.

Logiscool required a solution to teach kids coding who had already mastered Scratch but were too young and inexperienced to switch to a real coding language. My task was to find and implement a solution quickly.

I created a custom IDE (integrated development environment) where kids could seamlessly transfer between visual block-based coding and real text-based coding thanks to the real-time sync between the views.

The custom StageScript language extends JavaScript with custom grammar to hide the language-specific complexities and allow kids to focus on learning the basic building blocks of coding, like if statements, variables, and functions. The runtime is powered by PixiJS and enables kids to build great games using features like 2D physics, camera, parallaxes, and cloud variables.

Thanks to Scoolcode, today Logiscool is the leader in the field. It is used by about 50,000 kids worldwide every day. The idea was validated by Microsoft and others, who made similar products in recent years, but thanks to the modular compiler and runtime architecture Scoolcode is still years ahead of the competition.

Language: TypeScript
Frameworks: React, Redux
Modules: Monaco, Scratch Blocks, PixiJS

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