About Us

Break free of the loop.

A micro agency specialized in software development and animation.

We Are Break is a micro agency founded by Adam Juhos.

You can reach us at [email protected].

About Me

Professionally, I am focused on React-based SPAs, compiler engineering (including language design), and scalable NodeJS backend solutions from system design to implementation.

My Experience
👍🏻Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, JetBrains MPS, Python
👍🏼Environments: NodeJS, Unity, ASP.NET, React Native, Expo, Phonegap, Ghost, Shopify, WebRTC
👍🏽Platforms: Portainer (docker), Kubernetes, Serverless (Azure and Vercel), Cloudflare
👍🏾Frameworks: React, SocketIO, PixiJS, NextJS, NuxtJS, Vue, Angular, Storybook
👍🏿Storage: MongoDB, Redis, Cosmos DB, Storyblok, Google Big Query (SQL), Azure Blob, Amazon S3

As a person, I am an amateur photographer and psychologist, and for the last ten years, my hobby has been being the on-site coordinator at 1000+ participant conferences. I managed 30+ person teams and all the hidden complexities of these events.

Our Services

Software Architecture Planning

Including custom libraries, frameworks, and scalable backends.

Software Development

Frontend and backend using TypeScript/JavaScript.

Software Testing

Test planning and reporting. UI/UX testing, integration testing, unit testing, manual testing, and basic security audit.

Compiler Engineering

Programming and domain-specific language (DSL) design and development, including compilers and tooling integration.

Hand-drawn graphics design

For more information about our graphics services, visit anettalbrecht.com.

Keyframe animation

For more information about our animation services, visit anettalbrecht.com.

Company Info

We Are Break Kft.
VAT ID: 32429585-2-07
Registration Number: 07-09-035269
Statistical ID: 32429585-6201-113-07
EUID: HUOCCSZ.07-09-035269
EU VAT ID: HU32429585
Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® number: 30-126-7713